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Debt Collections and Evictions Attorney in the Herndon and Fairfax, VA area

Have you been pouring excess time and resources into a business disagreement that just won't go away? Don't wrestle with conflict alone. If you're feeling overwhelmed or you've reached an impasse, contact Brad L. Martin, Attorney At Law. Our Herndon, Virginia office manages (and wins) numerous local court cases. We also serve all of Fairfax county, Va. We focus on landlord tenant agreements and debt collection law, so call 703-709-0035 for effective legal solutions.

Personalized service makes all the difference

The law office of Brad L. Martin, Attorney at Law has been making legal strides since 1996. We're committed to providing quality representation for all our clients in Herndon and Fairfax, VA. Lawyers are often judged for being too cold and calculating. Brad L. Martin, Attorney at Law works hard to shatter that stereotype. Our Herndon and Fairfax, VA services are tailored to meet your needs. We've created a friendly, accommodating environment - just ask previous clients. Call 703-709-0035 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.

What to expect from our Herndon and Fairfax, VA attorney

Let our legal expertise serve you well. For professional and affordable counsel, meet with Brad L. Martin, Attorney At Law. We're dedicated to your cause and will:

  • Pursue unresponsive customers
  • Demand payment on your behalf
  • File tenant eviction lawsuits
  • Assess your records
  • Review lease obligations
  • Defend your rights as a landlord
  • Prepare you for trial
  • Ask a sheriff to seize debtors' property

You can take action on your own, but without the help of an experienced debt collections or landlord tenant agreements lawyer, you won't get far. We use our knowledge for our clients. Join us in Herndon, VA.

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