Was Your Paycheck Reduced Away to Nothing?

Speak with a wage garnishment attorney in Herndon or Fairfax, VA

Struggling under a mountain of debt is hard enough, but having your paychecks significantly reduced can make just getting by a daily battle. Asking a court to garnish your wages is one of the last steps creditors will use to get their money back. You can turn to a local, skilled wage garnishment attorney at Brad L. Martin Attorney At Law for assistance.

We have many years of experience helping clients fight back against creditors in the Herndon and Fairfax, VA areas. Call us right away to schedule a consultation on wage garnishment problems.

When is an attorney needed to fight wage garnishments?

Wages may be garnished if you've missed payments on student loans, child support, credit cards, medical bills or taxes. You'll want to retain a wage garnishment attorney if...

  • You no longer owe the debt they're seeking
  • You want to negotiate a deal with your creditor
  • Your employer is threatening to fire you
  • The creditor is taking more than they should
  • The creditor is trying to garnish your bank account

It is common for creditors to try underhanded or even illegal tactics to get back their money. If you believe you're being mistreated, contact Brad L. Martin Attorney At Law right away to gain a powerful ally in Herndon or Fairfax, VA.

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