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Debt Collection Law Attorney in Herndon and Fairfax, VA

As much as you love your clients, you run your business to make money. When you provide products and services, you're entitled to payment - this isn't harsh, it's just basic business savvy. If you've been shortchanged by a Herndon or Fairfax, Virginia customer, it might be time to call Brad L. Martin, Attorney At Law.

A delay in payment here and there is forgivable, but repeated nonpayment is a problem. Your clients should take you seriously. With the backing of Brad L. Martin, Attorney At Law, you can receive remuneration. We follow a streamlined debt collections process in Herndon, VA:

  • First, we send a demand to the party involved
  • Next, if there's no response, then we prepare the appropriate paperwork
  • We file a debt collection claim
  • Finally, we serve your client with papers

Brad L. Martin, Attorney at Law will take your debt collections law case to trial if necessary. Call 703-709-0035 to discuss the details of your legal collections case.

3 things to know about our debt collections practice

  • We comply with Fair Debt laws
  • We'll create wage garnishment claims
  • We follow up after trial

Choose a lawyer who cares - choose Brad L. Martin, Attorney At Law.

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