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Your local business shouldn’t suffer due to the actions of others. As a landlord, when you haven’t received payment or your tenants are refusing to leave, contact the law office of Brad L. Martin, Attorney at Law for help. We’ve been obtaining fair landlord tenant settlements and pursuing unresponsive clients for years. We know what works, so contact our Herndon, Virginia team for practical next steps.

 5 reasons to hire us

5 reasons to hire us

Are you apprehensive about partnering with a local law firm? One myth we try to dispel is that lawyers cost too much. Don’t be leery of asking questions. Our Herndon, VA office exists to make your life easier. Whether you’ve been burned by lawyers in the past or you have lingering reservations, you can contact Brad L. Martin, Attorney at Law for trustworthy advice.

Consider these 5 reasons to partner with us:

  1. You may lose more money without a lawyer
  2. Preventive law protects your business
  3. We offer free 30-minute consultations
  4. Our attorney has been practicing since 1992
  5. Law is complicated and requires a roadmap

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