Say Goodbye to Troublesome Tenants

Landlord and Eviction Attorney in Herndon and Fairfax, VA

Many tenants seem like an asset to your community at first. Later, those same tenants fail to pay rent or leave without giving notice. You can't afford to let irresponsible tenants damage and neglect your property. Turning to a landlord lawyer in Herndon, VA isn't a desperate measure - it's a smart decision that will ultimately protect the future of your business. Call 703-709-0035 for local legal counsel in your Herndon or Faixfax community.

Know your landlord tenant laws

As your eviction attorney in Herndon and Fairfax, Virginia, Brad L. Martin, Attorney at Law will file an eviction suit to regain possession of your property. Generally, eviction cases move quickly, but there are still rules to observe. When you win your eviction case, you must appropriately remove your tenants' abandoned belongings. Stay informed to avoid further legal ramifications. As a landlord, you should not:

  • Permit partial rent payments
  • Keep unreliable records
  • Deny a tenant proper notice

Despite the frustration of uncooperative tenants, be empowered by our Herndon, VA team. We'll protect you from unruly residents. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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